Volvo XC90


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I work for Volvo, these cars are super safer. When you compare it to a Rav 4 it is like comparing it to a can of sardine. Look on you tube XC90 vs Scania, a live accident with a semi truck. This car is a tank!! The price is definitely outrageous but with FCR may be ok!!
I live in the US and I had all type of Volvo S80 and XC 90 Hybrid it is the best in safety, security feature and Price. But the cost of cars in Tunisia is carzy? I do not get how people can get a car for 500,000 DT if their salary is only 3 or 5,000/month?
Volvo est la marque number one avec un bon rapport qualité prix
400 mille dinars tu achete 2 rav 4 et une citadine quel rapport qualité prix
462 ch vraiment c TOP !!!
Volvo is finally back <3 la XC90 est un rêve pour moi espérant un jour l'acheter <3
elle vaut 2 rav 4 et une golf 8 c de la folie 400 mille dinars

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